The Way Forward – October 2021

A message from your Chairman

The effects of Covid

Since the last Chairman’s message, it has been a difficult 15 months, with very little face-to-face contact between members.  We have held one or two field trips, which unfortunately, suffered less than ideal weather conditions and we have also held a number of rather more successful Zoom meetings. 

The Way Forwards:

A survey carried out by the outgoing Chairman, Martin Morse, concluded that the overwhelming majority of Members did not want to resume face-to-face meetings at the MMI in the immediate future.  In the event that the Covid situation improves markedly, we will reassess Member’s feelings on the how we should proceed.

The Zoom meetings which have taken place have met with varying success, but the Members Evenings have proved to be the most popular with attendances similar to those at MMI.   Taking these factors into account, the Committee have put together some plans for the next few months.  Details can be found in the Diary, but the essential points are:

  • We will aim to have Zoom meetings every two months and will focus very much on input from Members.
  • Zoom meetings will be interspersed with field trips.  These will be arranged at relatively short notice to take advantage of days when the weather is forecast to be favourable.  The objective of this is to maintain some face-to-face contact safely and to provide some activity every month.

Membership Fees:

Because the new operating regime will have much lower overheads, Membership fees for the coming year will be reduced to £6 per member and there will be no fees for attending Zoom meetings.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future events, please feel free to contact me at