14/01/14 Speaker Roy McBryde – the SWCP

The speaker for the evening was Roy McBryde. Following his retirement, Roy sought a new challenge. He decided to walk the South West Coastal Path from Minehead in Somerset to Poole in Dorset, a mere 500 620 miles or so, to raise money for his favourite charities.

The evening talk centred on Roy’s experiences on the first part of his walk from Minehead and through to West Devon. Due to the constraints of having to carry all he needed, Roy restricted his photography gear to a Minolta SLR complete with a standard lens. The 35mm slides of his journey provided a good record and his engaging commentary was filled with various historical anecdotes and his experiences. During his ‘stroll’, Roy also managed a few excursions away from the SW coast path to visit nearby churches, Dunster Castle and Lundy.

Following the break, Roy shared his aerial images of Cornwall, taken during a trip in the air ambulance. It soon turned into a location guessing game.

The talk was well received by club members.

By Alan Barker.