05/06/2016 Field Trip to Truro Cathedral

Truro CathedralOn the evening Tuesday 5th June, members and friends of St Agnes Photographic Club were set free to range around Truro Cathedral for two hours taking photos as we wished. The cathedral was closed to the public and there were no restrictions on using flash. The gallery gave a great perspective of the cathedral, but also highlighted the wonky construction of it.

In one corner of the cathedral was the recent temporary installation by Imran Qureshi. The work was huge in scale and was constructed from 30,000 A2 crumpled, printed sheets carrying images devised by Qureshi. It was installed by the artist and a team of 14 volunteers working over 4 days, all in the public gaze. There was a brilliant stop mo video of the construction which showed just how much work had gone into it. Reaction to the installation was polarised: some loved it, some disliked it.

Truro cathedral installationIt was a fantastic opportunity to wander unhindered around the cathedral ‘after hours’, although the problem with shooting with other photographers is that they often feature in your photos!

Note to self – don’t leave it to the morning of a field trip to assemble your kit. You’ll then discover that you have no idea where the bit that connects your camera to your tripod is (and that you don’t know what that bit is called) and you have no time to find it, rendering your lovely tripod useless. My shots posted here were handheld and are straight out of camera (no time to edit them!).

Truro Cathedral

Words and images by Nicola Bathe.