07/12/14 – Christmas Field Trip to St Ives

St Agnes Photographic Club

St Agnes Photographic Club braving the St Ives chill

On a fairly bright but cold and windy day, around 20 members of the club met outside the lifeboat station in St Ives at 11.00 for our Christmas Outing.

We were fortunate as the lifeboat crew were test launching their lifeboat, The Princess Royal and being low tide they had to use their caterpillar tractor to take her out to the shoreline. This made for some excellent photographs for those with stout footwear to get across the wet beach.

Following this we wandered around past Portgwidden Beach on up to the top of the Island. Here there were fantastic views from the old chapel, if you could hold your camera steady enough!

By now it was time to eat and we all found our way back across town to the Harbour Fish & Chip Shop for an excellent lunch, sat inside out of the wind.

After lunch we split up and some of us carried on taking pictures around town.

As a follow up at our next meeting on the 9th December, many members showed the results of the day’s photography. This was interesting to see both the similarity yet the unique viewpoints and ideas everyone came up with.

Words by Ian Williams, image by Geoff Osborne.