15/10/2017 Field Trip to Screech Owl Sanctuary

A group of members went on Sunday morning to the Screech Owl Sanctuary where we had one of their staff bring out owls one at a time for us to be able to photograph while being flown and handled. Paula, who was our handler for the morning, was extremely helpful and suggested certain owls that may be more accommodating than others to photograph, which proved a lot more difficult than we imagined trying to photograph them in flight.

Following this we all went to the Plume of Feathers in Mitchell for a great lunch, together with pudding for some of us!

Words by Ian Williams.

13/11/14 – Joint Critique Evening with Penryn Camera Club

Inside Sky SpaceOn a wet Thursday evening we were invited to a joint critique evening with Penryn Camera Club, where we received a very warm welcome from their Chairman, Mark Walker.

We started with 15 printed images from each club, with both Claudia from our club jointly leading the critique with Mark from theirs. Each photographer was asked to describe their image and the floor was then opened up for their views.

The standard was extremely high, which led to some interesting debates as to what to ‘changes’ if any were required. As there was so much discussion about each print, there wasn’t time to see all 30, so at the break all the images were put on display for everyone to view.

At the break we were all treated to tea/coffee plus a table full of food and spent the time having a good talk with old and new friends from Penryn. At the end of the break the raffle was drawn, where some of our members won some excellent prizes.

The second half was the projection of 15 digital images from each club, again hosted by Claudia and Mark. This also provided lively debate and each club were inspired by the variety of images on display. I certainly took away some ideas for the future.

The evening ended after 10pm to a warm round of applause for the hospitality of the Penryn Club and promises to return the evening later next year in St Agnes.

Words by Ian Williams, image “Inside Sky Space” by Nikki Bathe.

01/03/14 Charles Hosken Competition 2014

Jane Sawle - Winter Chill

Jane Sawle – Winter Chill

Last Saturday evening I, along with a number of other members, went along to the Charles Hosken competition, run by the Cornwall Photographic Alliance at Goonhavern Village Hall. As nine of our members had entered the competition, we were all keen to see how the club’s entries had fared.


During the evening every entry to the Charles Hosken competition was projected along with its judges score. The first part of the evening was devoted to the lower scoring images (shown anonymously), with the higher scored images – along with the photographer’s name and club – shown after the tea break.

Claudia Crewes - Snowdrop Study

Claudia Crewes – Snowdrop Study


Of course, we spent the evening on tenterhooks, hoping that images from our members would score as highly as possible. And we weren’t disappointed; all of the St Agnes club’s images scored creditably, with three images making it through to the post-tea-break section of the evening. These images were :

  1. Jane Sawle – “Winter Chill”
  2. Claudia Crewes – “Snowdrop Study”
  3. Claudia Crewes – “Salty Sea Dog”


Claudia Crewes - Salty Seadog

Claudia Crewes – Salty Seadog


During the evening we saw a fantastic range of images of all sorts of subjects. It was noticeable that landscapes dominated the earlier stages, with wildlife and portraits becoming more prevalent amongst the higher scoring photos. The overall winner was an arresting portrait of a young woman taken by Malcolm Jenkin of the Camborne & Redruth club.

All in all, a most inspiring evening – I’m sure we’ll do even better next year!

By Claudia Crewes.