15/10/2017 Field Trip to Screech Owl Sanctuary

A group of members went on Sunday morning to the Screech Owl Sanctuary where we had one of their staff bring out owls one at a time for us to be able to photograph while being flown and handled. Paula, who was our handler for the morning, was extremely helpful and suggested certain owls that may be more accommodating than others to photograph, which proved a lot more difficult than we imagined trying to photograph them in flight.

Following this we all went to the Plume of Feathers in Mitchell for a great lunch, together with pudding for some of us!

Words by Ian Williams.

23/06/12 Field Trip to Screech Owl Sanctuary


Owl at Screech Owl Sanctuary

Last Saturday St Agnes Photoclub members descended on Screech Owl Sanctuary to have a guided tour of some of the owls who reside there. Mark Whittaker, one of the keepers at the Sanctuary and a keen wildlife photographer himself, met us and immediately took us outside to see Fluffy the barn owl flying.

The heavens opened, as seems fairly normal at the moment, and flying was curtailed (owls aren’t waterproof as this would make their feathers noisy in flight and therefore no good for stealth preying) so we went inside to the education centre where we met a couple of eight week old Ural owlets, who were very large, cute and fluffy but also very naughty.

The rain stopped again so Mark took us behind the scenes to the hospital to see two of his new baby owls, of different breeds, who he is hand rearing as their parents are unable to rear them themselves.

Buzzard and Theresa

The Buzzard studiously ignores the camera

Then Mark took us outside again and brought us out a succession of beautiful owls and a buzzard, telling us about each of them and the Sanctuary’s involvement in rare breeds programs whilst we took photos of them. Most of them were so used to paparazzi attention, it was quite hard to capture them staring down your lens!

Mark then left us to watch another flying display and have a wander around the Sanctuary, seeing the other animals too. I was particularly taken by the Meer Cats and the cafe is pretty good too!

We had a brilliant morning out. It was great to meet and photograph so many owls and hear about the amazing job the Sanctuary does in rehabilitating and rehoming injured and mistreated owls and assisting in world breeding programs. We’re hoping Mark will come to an evening meeting next Spring to talk to us about his wildlife photography, which we’re very much looking forward to.

By: Nicola.