10/03/15 – Members’ evening including CPA Annual Competition Selection

…. Once again a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere – and only my third visit since joining. The room was buzzing with excitement as we were preparing to vote on each other’s amazing work in the selection of 15 prints and 15 digital images for the Club’s submission to The Corwall Photographic Alliance’s (CPA) Annual Competition.

Before commencing this very challenging exercise Claudia gave us a presentation on “What Judges should be looking for”.

The judging by all members present took place in near silence. After this we all had tea/coffee and a chat and made new friends, whilst the committee members collated all of the judging scores. Then the 15 top scoring prints were displayed…… so much talent in one room and such a wide variety of topics….. landscape…..portraits……wildlife…… I was so happy to see that my print had been chosen on my first ever competition…… thank you so much everyone for making this possible.

The chosen prints

The chosen prints

We then moved on to see whose digital prints had been chosen…. again so much variety and talent displayed.

The evening finished with a lovely presentation from Ian Williams of his road trip to Italy via as many Alpine passes as possible (and 2,000+ photos taken).

Nikki Bathe then gave us her presentation of her photos from The Grizzly – a mass running event in Devon – which she had attended and photographed the previous week.

Thank you all for making me feel welcome and for all the hard work that went into the evening before and after the event.

The next meeting is Tuesday 14th April at 7.30pm. Presentation on “Sports and Action Photography”….. and possibly some Birthday cake from me !! (Webmaster: we hope so!)

Words by Carol-Ann Finch, image by Claudia Crewes.

11/02/14 Members’ evening – Macro Photography and more!

House Fly Macro by Alan Barker

House Fly Macro by Alan Barker

Our monthly club meeting on Tuesday 11th February was both interesting and informative. First we had a session presented by Alan Barker, our club Secretary, on Macro Photography. Alan brought along and talked about some of his equipment including his Panasonic Lumix FZ150 bridge camera and a his Canon 700D SLR with specialist macro lenses. He then gave a brilliant slide show of images taken with both cameras with some amazing shots of insects which are one of his many interests. He gave very useful tips and instruction on taking good photos of these difficult and often quick moving subjects.

House Fly Macro by Alan Barker

Red Campion by Alan Barker

The next part of the evening was a look at all the digital prints that have been entered by our members into the Charles Hosken competition run by the Cornwall Photographic Alliance in March. There were 29 images in total of various subjects including portraits, landscapes, animals and fungi.

We then had an excellent slide show of images taken by David Bourne, a new member to the club. David’s pictures were very well received by members and we look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. We also viewed some great images brought in by some of our other members.

Words by Jane Sawle, images by Alan Barker.