20/05/14 Field trip to Godrevy with David Chapman


Photographers prowling the cliff tops – Eddie McGann

With an excellent member turn out and great lighting for landscape photography we all met up with professional photographer David Chapman at Godrevy car park, where he proceeded to lead the group to the beach along with a faint chant of ‘Hi Ho Hi Ho’ in the background. The sea air was clear and the lighting crisp, providing nice contrast at the start of the shoot, later the setting sun would create richer colours and subtle tones allowing club members to employ different photo techniques.


Godrevy Flare – Eddie McGann

Whilst David shared advice and tips with club members others explored the coastline for photo opportunities, employing a variety of photographic techniques from ND filters and long exposures to HDR. David and a club member braved the waves down on the rocks in pursuit of long exposures of Godrevy Lighthouse providing a one to one photography session in which she found the whole experience exciting and informative. Club members along with David showed plenty of enthusiasm staying right to the very end well after sunset in pursuit of that special photo. No screams or splashes were heard in the darkness so we still have full club membership.


Godrevy Snapper – Eddie McGann

The evening turned out to be a great experience due to mixing with like minded photographers, having expert guidance and knowledge provided by David Chapman, lovely weather and beautiful views of the Godrevy coastline.

In September the photographs of the evening will be viewed by club members and also David himself. This will be something to look forward to, as having expert feedback and tips on how to improve our photography will benefit members and the club.

Words by Eddie McGann.