22/06/14 Field Trip to Trebah Gardens

Champion trees, beautiful gardens, amazing waterscapes and a wondrous beach. The club’s outing to Trebah had it all and if that wasn’t enough, there was also afternoon tea, ice cream and cakes… and some photography of course!

st agnesphotography club at Trebah

The afternoon commenced with a meeting in the blazing sun on the lawn outside the main house. The Director of Trebah Gardens, Nigel, shared a brief informative history of the gardens and some anecdotes about its former owners. After this we dispersed to all corners of the gardens in search of that elusive perfect shot. The height and intensity of the sun meant that most switched to close-up studies of backlit flowers and leaves or moody images in the dense shadows of the bamboos and gunnera.


Geoff & JaneAs the afternoon progressed and the heat built, it was noted that many migrated to the beach to partake of a cooling ice cream. One hardy individual even downed her camera and produced a swimming costume which she had had the foresight to pack. She was last seen heading for Frenchman’s Creek…


As we gradually meandered back up the gardens, a pool to one side of the main stream was discovered; to the delight of many we found it patrolled by a number of hawker and darter dragonflies. The surface of the pool was also home to a great many damselflies. I had to block my ears on a few occasions to the curses that were emitted from our gallant ensemble as they tried and failed to capture a sharp image of these beasts.

Broad-bodied Libellula Dragonfly on Leaf 2

The afternoon finished with a very civilised and most welcome cup of tea on the terrace.

Foxglove_2Golden Leaves 2









Words and images by Alan Barker.