12/02/13 Malcolm & Barbara Jenkin

It was a good start as, all the repairs having been completed, we were back to our usual meeting place – the St Agnes WI Hall.

Our speaker had been booked well in advance, but like the Titanic, at very short notice we struck an iceberg, when due to illness he had to cancel his visit. Where do you get someone at even shorter notice to take his place? Well, following some frantic phone calls by Geoff, we ended up with two for the price of one in welcoming Malcolm and Barbara Jenkin.

If we did not know already, we were in very capable hands as they are both very well-travelled and competent photographers and have entered numerous competitions. Their favourite cameras are Nikons – convenient for sharing lenses on expeditions!

We were treated to a very interesting and varied programme – in particular relating to their cruise to Antarctica. This included Buenos Aries and the Falkland Islands – the latter being apparently more British than Britain. Their photos were excellent and showed to good effect the numerous penguins and colourful tin roofs of the houses in the Falklands.

Malcolm was perhaps more conventional than his wife, who admitted to a love of cranes [not birds], containers and clouds. She illustrated her talk by starting with a photo of some straw hats, then showed how it could be manipulated in Photoshop in about 10 different ways and stages to produce a very interesting, award-winning creation. Barbara said that with all the facilities now available to us on the computer we should start all experimenting and be creative.

We were also shown some examples of their prize-winning photographs and left with some ideas of what is out there beyond club photography.

One of the highlights was the ad. lib. commentary by our two guests, interrupted by the banter between a loving husband and wife.

It was a good evening and we look forward to their next visit when hopefully, they have will have been given just a little more notice!

By Ron Meloy.