St Agnes Photoclub Annual Competition June 11th 2019

Derek Godridge of Penryn Camera Club was the judge of this annual event in the SAPC calendar and from his preparation work in viewing the 90 or so images prior to the evening he was able to offer up not only a comprehensive commentary on each and every one but also provide the authors with some useful and constructive advise on how images could perhaps be improved.

The catalogue of images covered a wide range of subject matter with the “Abstract” section bringing out some very imaginative pieces of work.

The results of the evening as judged by Derek were as follows:

1. Bruce Hobbs – Reflections
2. Alan Barker – Laid up for winter
3. Bruce Hobbs – Distressed City
HC. John Hartley – Hotel lobby Atlanta
HC. Liz Barker – Shadowland
HC. Paul Hughes – Bubbles and Flower

1. Paul Hughes – Smoking Sailor
2. Philip Gott – Take a seat
3. Bruce Hobbs – Staged Dominos
HC. Paul Hughes – Woodlouse
HC. Ian Williams – Trevaunance
HC. Alan Barker – Trees by the henge

1. Philip Gott – Fine balance
2. Philip Gott – Stranger on the Shore
3. Bruce Hobbs – Bell Girl
HC. Alan Barker – Towards Newdowns Head
HC. Paul Hughes – Fly
HC. Bruce Hobbs – Useless Trio

Congratulations to those who claimed a place and commiserations to those who missed out this time around. There will always be next year.

Most importantly a big thank you to all the members who entered images and made the evening a success. Without this commitment we would have had nothing……….

Chairman Alan Barker thanked Derek for his valued input to the evening.

Philip Gott: 12.06.2019