Robert Wiltshire. “HDR Photography”

A presentation by Robert Wiltshire about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography was introduced and well received by members of St. Agnes Photo Club at the March monthly meeting.

The basic concept of HDR photography, using the bracketing feature of your camera and suitable HDR software to create your workflow were demonstrated to good effect on the night.

We learned that dynamic range is the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark you can capture in a photo. Once your subject exceeds the camera’s dynamic range, the highlights tend to wash out to white, or the dark’s simply become big black blobs.

Basically, an HDR creation is two, three or more photos taken at different exposure levels and processed with software to create a better picture; some newer cameras can even shoot HDR in-camera, but usually in lesser-quality JPEG than RAW. Ideally, the photographer takes a range of bracketed photos — that is, photos of the same subject taken with varying shutter speed combinations in order to produce a set of images with varying luminosity.

HDR photography works best with the camera on a tripod and with landscapes void of moving objects. Then, with the help of advanced post-processing software, the photographer is able to blend the photos together and create a single image comprised of the most focused, well-lit, and colourful parts of the scene.

These types of images, depending on how they’re processed, can be anything from accurate reproductions of what your eyes see, to creative art forms.

Quarterly Theme: “Bridges”.
Members images for the “Bridge” theme threw up a wide and interesting range of images taken from far and wide ranging from a footbridge in Porthtowan to the famous arch bridge in Sydney Harbour. It was interesting to note the trouble taken to record some of the close up detail of these structures and how materials and designs have changed over the years.

The next Quarterly Theme will be “Textures”

It was also announced by Alan Barker that SAPC fared very well in the recent Charles Hoskens competition at Carnon Down with Andrew Cox receiving a “Commendation” for his work depicting the night sky.
Several other members achieved some very respectable high scores.

A preview of the images selected to represent SAPC at the CPA exhibition were also shown to the audience on the evening.

Chairman Alan Barker thanked Robert Wiltshire for his informative presentation.

By Philip Gott