Cancellation of meetings. A message from your Chairman

To all SAPC Members

Can I firstly apologise to all members for the sudden cancellation of last week’s meeting, particularly to those who were not able to access their emails in time and therefore had to be turned away at the door. As you may have realised, this was because of a sudden increase in the medically assessed local risk.

The committee has come to the following conclusions as to the best way forward.

1. All planned SAPC meetings for the spring and summer will be cancelled. Provisionally we will reconvene for the AGM in October, but that will of course be under review.

2. All internal competitions, including our annual one in June, will be cancelled, as will all quarterly themes and any related issues. Similarly, SAPC will no longer offer its usual logistical support for any Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA) or Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) competitions that may continue, although this does not, of course have any bearing on members who might wish to enter any external competition as an individual.

3. It seems almost certain that it will be necessary to cancel the September annual exhibition, but we will leave a final decision on this a little longer.

4. The committee will continue to keep all related issues under review, including any CPA or WCPF matters.

5. If there are any issues of concern, please contact me at

For those of you who are of an age to remember Hill Street Blues, the famous catchphrase “Let’s be careful out there” would seem appropriate.

Stay safe, and best wishes to all.


Martin Morse
Chairman, St Agnes Photographic Club