10/12/19 Ten in Ten

On 10th December we met for a Christmas special meeting, with a number of members tasked with taking ten minutes each to talk about ten of their favourite personal images. There was an interesting medley of pictures incorporating everything from phone camera landscape images to stage photography, via low mega-pixel digital images and long exposures. After the break we reviewed members’ quarterly theme images on the theme of “dereliction”.

12/11/19 David Chapman – A year in Review

We were delighted to welcome back David Chapman, the well known writer and photographer, to talk to us about what has been happening in his past year. David is the author of several books, and a regular contributor to a number of magazine publications on the subjects of wildlife and of photography, both landscape and nature.

David started his talk by giving a series of examples as to how the fauna and flora of his adopted county had changed since he first started seriously studying it over a decade ago, particularly talking about rapid changes in the geographic distribution of birds, mammals and plants, ably illustrated by excellent images. He then moved on to a whistle stop tour of major wildlife sites in Cornwall, pointing out where and when the species for which they were best known could be seen.

After the break, we were treated to a section demonstrating his landscape photography technique, with both coastal and inland examples, the latter being particularly notable for a series taken during the Beast from the East. David finished off by showing progress with a number of personal projects, including fascinating insight into the life of beavers, water voles, butterflies, coots and others, concluding with exceptional video and time-lapse photographs of moths emerging from their pupal stage. The whole talk was garnered with hints and tips as to how best to take photographic advantage of the rich natural world in Cornwall.