Annual Competition 2020

The competition will be judged by Bill Hall AFIAP DPAGB ABPE.

The competition is open only to members with a current paid annual subscription.

All images must be entirely the work of the submitting entrant.

Each image submitted may be entered in one category only.

Images must be in jpeg format, and of maximum size 1600 wide by 1200 high pixels. Portrait images must therefore have a maximum height of 1200 pixels. No hard copy images will be accepted.

There are three competition categories; Open, Monochrome, and Still Life.

Open: no limitations on subject matter or techniques used either for image capture or for post processing. Images may be colour or monochrome. Toning or selective colouring of monochrome images is allowed.

Monochrome: monochrome images may be toned but only to mimic traditional darkroom practice, eg sepia, selenium, lith processing etc. Selective colouring, whether achieved at image capture or by post processing, will only be accepted in the Open category.

Still Life: For the purposes of the competition, there are two types of still life photography, found and created:

(a) Found still life photographs are random collections of things that are arranged  without any outside help, meaning you don’t move them to make your picture look the way you want it. Some examples of this would be: a yellow leaf against the brown dirt, products arranged in an outdoor market, or even junk that has been placed aside a dustbin.

(b) Created still life photographs are photographs of objects that you’ve arranged to look a certain way. Created still life photographs can have a theme, such as objects or colors. Perhaps you like the way a bunch of blue cups look on a table or the contrast of silver utensils on a brown table. As long as you rearrange or move things to get the desired picture, then it is considered a created still life.

The Judge’s decision as to whether an image is correctly categorised shall be final.

Each member is allowed a maximum of two images in each category.

The final date for entries will be May 12th.

Images should be titled as SAPC-O1(or O2, M1, M2, SL1, SL2 as appropriate)-author-title, and sent to Bill Smith ( preferably using the free “We Transfer” software, (, or by email. If using email please save as a folder of images and attach it to an email rather than embedding the images within an email.

Best of luck everyone!