Andy Hughes. “The Politics of Waste”

From the awaking of his artistic talent in Yorkshire to Arthur C Clark’s ‘2001 a space odyssey’, Andy Hughes lecture on the ‘Politics of Waste’ was so much more than a photography talk.  Every image had its own story and every story held the audience captive. A discarded golf ball, sea worn and forgotten, collecting particles of sand and detritus, led us on a journey of corporate greed and pollution on an industrial scale; while a discarded lighter on a beach standing tall as a megalithic portal representing both origin and enlightenment. Andy shared the inner thoughts of an artist and his own philosophy of life.

It was a lecture that sort to challenge our acceptance of what we consider to be the norm, and through his collection images he demonstrated a different way to view the littoral zone, the wider marine environment and perhaps even a way to own the politics of waste.

By Alan Barker