8/07/14 Speaker Ron Rook – Audio Visual Presentations

Our speaker for the evening was Ron Rook, who gave us a fascinating insight into Audio Visual (AV) Presentations.

Ron outlined how he became involved in digital photography following the devastating effects of a stroke.  Simultaneously with the interest in this growing technology, he became aware of the need to file photographs so that they could be found again in future times – something that all I’m sure all of us have difficulty with! Once the filing system was sorted out, Ron outlined the process of creating his AV Presentations, how it is  constructed and the incredible number of individual photographs which can be shown in a relatively short time.  The AV material shown was very broad in range, and the importance of matching music to pictorial content quickly became apparent.  This was highlighted by his AV presentations of his recent safari trip to Africa, a day in the life of St Ives, and a short but very dynamic presentation relating to military flying – amongst others. Ron demonstrated that with skilful use of panning and zooming, using reasonable quality images, it is possible to put together an entertaining AV presentation.

Ron’s presentation gave Club Members an excellent insight into ways in which those endless holiday photo slide shows can be transformed into events which can be enjoyed instead of dreaded.

There followed a short Members Slide Show (without music!) where members’ images relating to the club quarterly theme – ‘Farming Matters’ – were shown.  Livestock, especially pigs, played a major role in this part of the evening….

By Geoff