24/03/12 David Chapman Field Trip

On Saturday 24 March club members met up with David at Holywell Bay at 4pm.  This is Teresa’s report from the photo shoot:

I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend David Chapman’s Photo-shoot. Not only did we have an excellent photographer to guide us in the use of our cameras but excellent weather. David, I felt was very generous with his time and patience in guiding us to take better photographs, with lots of hints about where to position ourselves to get the best shots. I’d hardly ever used my camera’s manual settings, nor had I used my tripod much but David wanted us to do both. He was so patient which gave me confidence in getting much more from my camera.  One of the surprising things I learnt was that when I thought the light had gone and we wouldn’t get any more shots David said that the best conditions were yet to come.

 I came away from the session with inspiration, enthusiasm and determination to get much more from my camera and to be aware and look out for the best time and place to get ‘the good shots’. All of which I’ve put into practice since the session.
By: Teresa Davenport