21/05/19 Hetty and Tom of Kuro Kayaking

Our guest speakers for the evening were Hetty and Tom of Kuro Kayaking (based at Trevaunance Cove).

We were taken on an amazing journey by kayak close to the north cliffs, either side of Trevaunance Cove. Here the mineral rich rock provides a kaleidoscope of colour which is enhanced by the reflections in the sea and low evening sun. Paddling near Wheal Prudence, into Lunar Cavern and the Prison where just some of the wonders we experienced.

To contrast the awesome north cliffs, Hetty and Tom also took us on a tranquil paddle on the Helford and Frenchman’s creek. The water is much calmer here and the clarity can be stunning.

Their journeys were embellished with tales of the wildlife they had experienced around the coast, including orca, basking sharks, seals and a sea going badger, which Tom rescued and transported safely back to shore.

At the end of the talk, there were many questions from the audience and a great deal of enthusiasm to experience one their guided tours.