20/08/14 Field Trip to Porthleven

On a sunny Sunday in July a group of photo club members headed down west to Porthleven to meet Mike Lacey at his Waves Surf Art Gallery. We started by meeting Mike, having a chat with him about the equipment and techniques he uses, and looking around the gallery which displays his amazing photography.  And then it was our turn!  Sadly, it didn’t seem practical to don wetsuits and take our cameras out into the surf, so instead Mike led us out onto Porthleven pier to have a go at taking our own ‘wave’ photos. dsc_0051 cropUnder Mike’s guidance we were soon all happily snapping away – the tide was in retreat, and a number of surfers added an extra dimension to our images.

dsc_0049 crop

When we had all finally decided that we had enough photos for the day, we headed back into the village, thanked Mike for his generosity and time, then finished off our afternoon comparing notes over an ice cream in a harbourside café.   I don’t know about everyone else, but I took about 200 images; when I got home I deleted at least 190 of them, then had a quick play with what was left…  dsc_0108 adjust2 crop

…this wave photography is a lot harder than Mike Lacey makes it look!

By Claudia