19/05/13 Field Trip to Geevor & Botallack

Twelve members of the Club met in the village on Sunday 19th. June and headed off to Geevor Mine, beyond St. Just. We started with an excellent guided tour through the above ground buildings including the Winder House, the Dry with the working clothes of the last shift hanging there and the Mill, a huge complex of a building where the ore is crushed and sorted.

Check out those hats!
Check out those hats!

A fascinating experience which impressed upon us the hardness of the life of a tin miner ‘of old’. Photographs were taken as we progressed, ending with a trip underground into Wheal Mexico where we experienced the environment the miners actually worked in. Again, very impressive and evocative.

A splendid lunch followed in the attractive restaurant at Geevor before we roamed freely with cameras for half an hour and then gathered for the second part of our day. We headed off to Botallack, that very scenic spot where the mining was carried out from the cliff tops above the ocean.dsc_0333 small A short walk gave us a splendid view of the Crown Mines, and a chance to capture that iconic image with our cameras.

The weather was kind to us; what the old film boxes would probably describe as ‘cloudy bright’ and so we had a most enjoyable and successful day.

By Roger Thorley