14/04/15 – Monthly Speaker – Aaron Polhill – Action Sports Photography

This month we had an inspiring talk by Aaron Polhill, who is an action sports photography specialist. See his website.

Aaron works full-time as an engineer and spends his spare time taking part in action sports such as sky diving, climbing and snowboarding. Whilst skating he started taking pictures of his friends and was always looking for different angles to give his photos more impact.

Using a PowerPoint presentation Aaron showed us examples of different photography techniques:-

  • Freezing the action
  • Allowing some blur, for example the wheels
  • Motion blur and panning
  • Multiple images, for example stacking jumping off cliffs into the sea

He only uses manual settings and tries to make sure each photo tells a story. He also thinks about the intended audience by looking at:-

  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Important features
  • Leaving enough space for magazines to insert titles

He went through the important features of the equipment needed for action photography, such as minimal shutter lag, discussed the types of focus modes he uses and explained about second curtain flash uses.

He had kindly brought along his equipment, which comprises of a Canon 5DIII, 70-300 and fisheye lenses. He also uses several Canon flashguns with Elincrhom triggers. At the break he allowed us all to see up close the equipment he uses.

By Ian Williams.