13/11/12 Members’ Evening

Our relocated meeting was held in the Driftwood Arms, which meant our members could have a drink at the bar instead of our customary cup of tea – I didn’t hear anyone complaining!

For this month’s meeting we invited members to view some of the photos which have been successful in WCPF competitions & exhibitions in 2012.  As well as admiring some stunning winning images, we also had a look at a selection named the “Travelling Critique”.  This section comprised some 88 photos which had been submitted to WCPF but not selected for exhibition.  They cover a wide range of subjects and provide a great opportunity for clubs to stimulate discussion on “what makes a good image”.  To make it more interesting, we each used a scorecard to “judge” each photo in the few seconds that it was projected.  Then we all reviewed the scores we’d allocated – some we agreed on, others produced opposing views and lively discussion!  Everyone seemed to enjoy this thought-provoking exercise.

We had also asked members to bring along their photos for the two last themes: Food and Colours.  So after a quick break to allow a re-fill at the bar we were able to look at a good number of photos – it’s always great to see how fellow members have interpreted a theme and, as usual, there was some interesting work to see.

Thanks are due to Louise Treseder (landlady of the Driftwood) who so kindly offered us the use of a room while the WI Hall is out of action. Thanks also to committee member Geoff Osborne, who brought along the projector.

By Claudia Crewes