13/10/15 Speaker Geoff Hitchens

This evening’s talk was about the life and images of the well know local professional photographer Geoff Hitchens, entitled “A Warning! This show may contain some flash photography”

Geoff has a been a professional photographer for 30 years, the last 12 years as a press photographer with many of his images appearing in the West Briton.  Being a local lad and attending Humphrey Davy school, he made use of their darkroom to learn more about photography and gained his love of film and developing his own prints.

Whilst living away he joined the Cheltenham Camera Club but regularly travelled back to Cornwall to see family and take photographs.  He then showed us some of his early work of Cornwall of well known spots that were turned into postcards for sale in local shops.  It was the success of these that made him realise there was a living to be made from photography.  

He was also a keen football photographer and has early photos with Bobby Charlton, who he met more recently and who could remember the match Geoff took the photos at.

For work Geoff uses Nikon DSLR’s with their large lenses but for personal use he enjoys using the much easier to carry Fuji X-Pro 1 CSC.  He even still has an old Nikon SLR film camera and enjoys developing his own prints.  He explained that for many of his street / portrait shots he uses flash to help fill the natural daylight and produce a more evenly lit image.

After a tea break, during which Geoff chatted to several members and showed them equipment he uses, he continued showing the images he’d brought along and answering questions.

By Ian Williams