13/11/18: Critique & Pasty Evening with Penryn CC

The Club welcomed members of the Penryn Camera Club for a joint critique evening. Each club projected 15 colour and 15 monochrome images, which had been previously selected with the express intention of triggering a discussion. Alan Barker and Ron Pitcher introduced each image and then invited comments from the members.

It’s always entertaining when groups of photographers get together to discuss each other’s work. Everyone it seemed had an opinon as to how the images could be improved: “perhaps if you had moved to the left a little the composition would have been stronger”, “but there was a bramble hedge in the way”, “well we all have to suffer for our art”.

There was lots of hilarity, but also a great many learning points, which you can only obtain when you see your images through the eyes of others. The friendly and open atmosphere meant that both experienced and newer members of each club joined the discussions.

During the break, the members tucked into warm pasties, which were nicely scenting the room. Thanks to Martin Morse for arranging the delivery.

A special thanks to Penryn Camera Club for sharing their photographic knowledge and enthusiasm.

By Alan Barker