12/07/16 Speaker Peter Hodges

Following the excellent field trip to Trebarwith Strand, Peter came back to review the images club members had taken during the day.

Before he did so he gave us a very useful tutorial on Lightroom, which is his main photo editing program, unless he needs to do something specific in Photoshop.

Some of the areas he covered were:-

* Using the library to review images and tag them for ease of finding later

* Using the Develop Module to adjust images and specifically the Graduated Tool to enhance skies – remembering to use feather at about 50% to smooth the effect

* Using split toning – highlights to make more “cool”, shadows to make “warmer”

He also suggested double clicking the slider bar as this takes you back to the default (rather than trying to remember the number) and to try the ‘black’ & ‘white’ sliders while clicking on the Alt key to show the effect.

Following questions about filters Paul suggested people buy a minimum of 3 graduated filters (-1, -2 & -3 stops) and explained how to measure the difference in light levels between the land and the sky. He also recommended people look after them very carefully by wrapping them, as any scratches can cause light diffraction.

Following the tea break Paul gave his comments on the photos members took at Trebarwith Strand.


by Ian Williams