12/04/2016 Speaker Paul Naylor

Our talk this evening was by the well-respected marine biologist Paul Naylor.

Paul started by explaining that he’s a marine biologist who likes taking photographs whilst diving. He usually dives off the coast of Devon, often near home at Wembury, but fortunately for us he’s been a regular diver at Trevaunance Cove and was able to show us many local images.

He uses various cameras but one of his main ones is a Nikon DSLR in a purpose built housing, with two arms for lighting that is waterproof to 60 metres. Because it’s specifically built for his particular camera he can still use every button and function from outside the housing.  In addition to using this very large bit of kit, he also uses a compact camera in an underwater housing which is a lot easier to carry.  Recently he’s started using an Olympus Tough compact while snorkelling, as this is waterproof to 15 metres straight out of the box.

He stressed that many of his pictures were taken just off the shoreline and not that far from the low tide point. The photos (and videos) he displayed showed just how much variety there is around our coast, from ‘driller killer’ dog whelks to the territorial tompot blennies.He then went on to show a fantastic selection of his images that included blue ray limpets, cuttlefish, seals, crabs, wrasse and sponges.

After the tea break Paul showed the images of the tompot blennies he’d studied for a research article, that included 7 male and 14 females all in one area. He showed that they all have individual markings and videos of them fighting for territory.

Many members said they now felt inspired to get out along the rocky shoreline to see some of the inhabitants in the rock pools.

By Ian Williams