11/09/12 Legalities of Photography

This week’s meeting in the WI Hall received an in-house presentation by our Treasurer, Nicola Bathe, on the legalities of photography.

The ever increasing rate of change in technology, compounded by the growth in internet use together with similar growth in awareness of what is and what isn’t P.C. has opened up an absolute minefield on the legal front when it comes to photography.  Nicola’s presentation covered a wide range of aspects of this topic including what you can and can’t do (or should and shouldn’t do) photographically in public places and also how do handle the strong arm of the law if there is an involvement.  The subject of the worldwide web and the implications of using sites such as Flickr, Picassa and Facebook was also covered in some depth, together with some examples of their pitfalls and enormous benefits.

We all came away from the meeting feeling better equipped to meet the challenges of taking photographs legally in today’s world.  If you weren’t able to make the meeting, or need some reminders, here is a downloadable pdf of Nikki’s main points: Taking Photos legally    Many thanks to Nikki for the excellent presentation and all of the work which went into preparing it.

After a quick tea break, the meeting carried on with members running a liitle production line to make greetings cards to offer for sale, and putting together plans for next week’s Exhibition.  Make sure you tell all your friends and family!


by Geoff Osborne