11/06/13 Members Competition & Presentation on St Kilda

On Tuesday, we invited Margaret Hocking of Truro Camera Club and Secretary of the CPA (Cornwall Photographic Alliance) to come to our meeting to judge our members competition.  Members had been invited to submit their work in two categories 1) Single Use Camera (SUC) images 2) “Weather” images.  The first of these, the SUC images, made Margaret’s job as a judge particulary difficult due to the (very!) variable quality of the images but she was unfailingly constructive in her observations, and very forgiving of the limitations of the cameras.  The use of SUCs certainly fulfilled our aim to ‘level the playing field’ by removing any scope for ‘playing’ with images – it was all came down to the photographer’s eye for form & composition. In the “Weather” category the theme was open to intepretation in a wide variety of ways. Margaret made the comment that she sometimes found it difficult to decide whether a particular image filled the brief, or coud be better interpreted as a landscape – it was also evident that the title provided by the photographer played a part in this.  Margaret took the time to critique each photo, drawing out the good points and providing constructive criticism which was appreciated by all members. The results were as follows:

"On the Horizon" by Penny O'Keefe
“On the Horizon” by Penny O’Keefe

SUC: 1st: Penny O’Keefe “On the Horizon” 2nd: Nikki Bathe “Self Portrait” 3rd: Geoff Osborne “Sunset Silhouette HC: Ian Brocklehurst “Gondola”;  Claudia Crewes “Piazza Patterns”


"That's Heading Our Way" by Claudia Crewes
“That’s Heading Our Way” by Claudia Crewes

Weather: 1st: Claudia Crewes “That’s Heading Our Way 2nd: Nikki Bathe “Rainy Day” 3rd: Claudia Crewes “Hampshire Snow” HC: Nikki Bathe “Stormy Carn Brea”; Ginny Norris “Enjoying 35 Knots”

Following the break, Margaret Hocking went on to give us a presentation of her own photographs, taken during her many visits to St Kilda.  This part of the evening was extremely interesting since Margaret gave a most informative tallk to accompany the photos covering the history, the geography, the wildlife and her personal experiences of St Kilda.  All in all a very informative and interesting evening.

By Claudia