10/09/13 Speaker: Bryan Crick

The Guest Speaker for Tuesday’s Meeting was Bryan Crick, the former Chairman of the St Ives Camera Club, and the current President of the Cornwall Photographic Alliance.

Bryan started his presentation with ‘Fungi’, demonstrating his knowledge and passion for photographing Fungi of all shapes, sizes and colours. He explained the techniques required to successfully capture their delicate fruiting bodies including: equipment needed, composition, shutter speed and lighting. One key tool in his armoury was a pair of scissors, with which he carefully ‘tidies’ the environment prior to capturing an image.

His next presentation focused on the use of the creative tools within Photoshop. His images demonstrated how these tools could be used to either enhance a picture, or to transform an image into something totally abstract. In his next presentation ‘Aiming High’ Bryan shared images with which he had had competitive success. His expert knowledge as a Judge let him provide an insight into the mind of a Competition Judge, and gave members a better understanding of competition quality photography.

The final presentation was focused on Bryan’s candid photography and the techniques he employs in obtaining human interest images. These varied from people in public places to organised outdoor events and sporting occasions.

Bryan’s presentations were well received by club members, all of whom made their way home that night with their minds full of new techniques, fresh ideas and possible photographic opportunities.

Alan Barker