10/05/16 Speaker Peter Hodges

Our speaker, Peter, was very apprehensive talking to the club as he
had only given a WI talk before, but he needn’t have worried – he was
brilliant.  Peter was very easy going, and made extensive use of a white board to discuss ideas and concepts.  His presentation concentrated on the demands of Landscape photography. Peter gave us a number of technical pointers, discussion of the equipment needed, and tips on using composition techniques to best advantage. His approach invited a good deal of two way conversation, which was appreciated by members.

After a break, Peter concentrated on encouraging member to “embrace” the concept and techniques of editing, with particular emphasis on the advantages of taking images in RAW, rather than jpeg.

Peter is due to lead on a field trip on Sunday 22 May.  At the moment, the plan is to go to Trebarwith, but it could change at shortnotice if there is an issue with weather or sea conditions in that area.

By Geoff Osborne