10/04/12 David Chapman Review Evening

It was great, after the brilliant session with David at Holywell, to be able to meet in the comfort of the WI hall to review our best efforts from that evening’s work.  Everyone brought a small selection of their photographs for mutual criticism, pleasing comments and the occasional admission that a shot was only brought along as an example of how not to take a photograph.

David’s skill, experience and ability to give different subjective interpretations of everyone’s photographs and suggest ways in which they could be improved, either by taking the shot differently or by skilful post-processing, was an inspiration to us all.  It was fascinating that we all took similar shots, but often small differences in camera positioning, focus or shutter speed, could lead to very different results. The evening was rounded off with David giving a short session showing how some adjustments using Photoshop could be used to make a good shot into a super photograph..

We all departed with lots of new knowledge and enthusiasm for a very rewarding hobby.

By Geoff Osborne