09/10/12 Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes' image from his new book I, Jack Russell

Andy Hughes’ image from his new book I, Jack Russell

Andy Hughes was our speaker for October. Andy is a published photographer and a lecturer in photography at Truro College and he came to talk to us about his new book, I, Jack Russell. Unfortunately the publication date of the book had slipped, so he was unable to show us the actual book, but he talked us through the realisation of his book, from concept through the photography to editing and production and showed some of the images from the book.

Andy also talked to us about his first book, Dominant Wave Theory, a collection of stunning photographs of beach rubbish. He’s been working alongside Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) for many years, helping them highlight the state of the shores in the UK.

Andy uses only a couple of lenses and very little other equipment. His technique is relatively and refreshingly untechnical. He’ll often shoot from the hip to get a natural portrait (of a Jack Russell) and in both his Jack Russell shots and his beach shots, he gets right down on the floor to get a fabulous low perspective of his subjects. If necessary he’ll wait for hours for the sun to be in the right direction or for a fly to stay in place on an object.

Andy’s talk was incredibly interesting. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the variety of his work and his photography techniques. We hope to see Andy again soon and to see his new book in the flesh.

By Nicola Bathe.