09/09/12 Field Trip to Nature Reserve at Sancreed

Last Sunday morning,  six members armed with cameras, tripods and picnics, ventured out to explore and shoot pictures at a nature reserve near Penzance.  On the outskirts of Sancreed, Tanglewood is a wonderful, privately owned  woodland, encompassing  three small lakes and a talented craftsman’s humour!

Cameras ready, we entered the wood to be greeted by a large granite owl and walking sticks, further on a lady sleeping under a blanket of moss, carved expertly out of a fallen tree trunk, feet protruding out the bottom!  The wood itself seemed ancient and the tangle of trees soon gave way a clearing housing a teepee and picnic area, with a first glimpse of the lakes. From there-on-in clever sculptures and surprises popped out from hedges, granite stones, and the lakes themselves, metal pike protruded from the lake, jealously guarded by a heron who dared anyone to enter, a fisherman with rod sat quietly absorbed whilst a bull frog sat amongst the lilies, a  thatched  gazebo gave a focal point to the lakes and a giant fish complete with hook in its mouth  floundered on the bank.

To be honest words cannot begin to describe the wonderment of the place and the whacky, cleverly disguised sculptures that added  to the peaceful and picturesque reserve.  Nice to see bees at work on Montbretia, and the blackberries afforded a little macro  photography.  One lone black swan posed amongst the water lilies, which satisfied some of us who were looking for some live action!

We enjoyed a picnic beside the lakes and continued to take photographs (until the lure of ice cream at Newlyn). The weather was kind – a little dull at times but dry. It would be interesting to visit in different light conditons, particularly for the reflections and colours that  a little sunshine might afford.

A very successful and enjoyable day, special thanks to Penny for organising the trip,  her Farrier friend  and his family who so generously allowed us to visit.

By Allison