09/07/13 Speaker: Adrian Rowlands

The visiting speaker for our July meeting was Adrian Rowlands of Truro Camera Club, and Vice-President of the CPA.  During the first part of the evening Adrian talked us through his huge collection of cameras.  As he showed us each piece of equipment, he explained the history of the camera – its age, and how it was used.  There were even a number of novelty cameras which had been used in advertising campaigns. Throughout the demonstration there was a constant murmur of members exclaiming “I had one of those” or “that was my first camera”, and during our interval we had chance to examine the amazing collection up close.  After a quick tea break, Adrian went on to show us some of his own images – this time taken with his modern camera – an inspiring selection of work.

By Claudia Crewes.

A whole lotta cameras at Photoclub

Photo by Nicola Bathe.