09/06/15 – Club Competition NIght

Last Tuesday was the night that our invited judge, Thelma Hope came along to our meeting to talk us through all the entries in the club’s annual competition.  Overall, Thelma was very complimentary about the standard of our work and she took the time to assess every image and give us her constructive & instructional comments.  The competition was run in three classes, and these were the results:


Bill Smith “Caught Napping”

Mono: 1st – Bill Smith – Caught Napping
2nd – Elizabeth Barker – Lost Wood
3rd – Penny O’Keeffe – Hands
HC – Lyndsey Cowl – Past our sell by date
HC – Jane Sawle – Winter Walkies
Runner Up – Ben Church – Godrevy Storm
Runner Up – Geoff Osborne – Cornish Tin and Gold

Dave Bourne - Once Upon a Time- Vintage

Dave Bourne “Once Upon a Time”

Vintage: 1st – Dave Bourne – Once Upon a Time
2nd – Ginny – A Stitch in Time
3rd – Ian Williams – Flypast
HC – Ben Church – Old Friend Abandoned
HC – Claudia Crewes – Out to Grass
Runner Up – Eddie McGann – I’ll be back with a Mechanic
Runner Up – Nicola Bathe – I’ll just have a little sit down
Claudia Crewes-Halong Home

Claudia Crewes “Halong Home”

Open:  1st – Claudia Crewes – Halong Home
2nd – Ben Church – Reef Bassist Jack Bessant
3rd – Alan Barker – The Long Haul
HC – Chris Lucas – Atacama
HC – Geoff Osborne – Rough Sea
Runner Up – Jane Sawle – Poldark Country
Runner Up – Alison Randlesome – Sea Pool
Many thanks to our Judge Thelma for all her helpful words & encouragement. – they were much appreciated.
And then…..as if that wasn’t enough….we had a visit from Wendy from the Porfell Wildlife Park.  The club is due to visit Porfell on Sunday, so Wendy had come along to give us a history of the park and an Barn Owl 1overview of the animals we can expect to see there. Wendy brought along with her a special example of her charges, Moonshine, a British Barn Owl. This was a great treat – and we took full advantage of the photo opportunity!