09/02/16 Speaker Steve Bulford

Well known wildlife photographer Steve gave us a talk on his latest trip, entitled “Madagascar – Marvels & Mishaps”.

Steve’s interest in photography started during a 6 month backpacking holiday in 2000 with his partner. He took along some disposable cameras and frustrated with their limitations, he bought an SLR for their 5 week trip to Africa.  Over the subsequent years he has realised what equipment is needed and invested in the best bodies and lenses to get the most from their trips.

As Madagascar is such a large island (approximately 1,000 by 350 miles) they concentrated their three week trip to the North East and joined an organised trip by Nick Garbutt, who is not only an award winning BBC photographer but a specialist in rainforest animals.

Steve showed us a fantastic range of animals, beautifully captured in their natural surroundings. There were various geckos, chameleons, lemurs and the very elusive Aye-aye, as well as the huge spiders and millipedes.  He also showed us the places they stayed, the people they met and travelled with and gave us an insight into the gruelling schedule they kept up to try an see everything.  Getting up at 3:40am to start the day was more than most of us would do on ‘holiday’ but the images Steve brought back showed it was worth it.

By Ian Williams