09/12/18: Field Trip to Porthleven

Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward,

Well there were times when the St Agnes Christmas outing to Portleven felt a little bit like the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’. With a bitter north westerly gale blowing and deep clouds firing volleys of bullet like rain every few minutes, the brave 19 members of the Club who attended the meet, staged an assault on the harbour, pier and beaches of this picturesque Port. Some did fall by the wayside, taking refuge in the tea rooms and shops, but the majority bravely stuck to their duty.

The small breaks in the fast-moving cloud allowed glimpses of sunlight to pepper the harbour, which lent a magical light to the preceding’s.

Finally, wet and weary, we stumbled towards the Harbour Inn for some well-earned lunch and a good natter.

Amazingly, by the time we re-emerged into the fresh air, the wind had died down, the clouds had started to disperse and the sun began to take control. The gallant survivors, armed with cameras and tripods, once again took aim at the harbour and beaches.

It was wonderful day spent in great company, the results of which can be viewed in the website Gallery. A special thanks to Martin Morse to organising a memorable day.

By Alan Barker