09-08-16 Speaker Mark Walker

On the 9th August 2016 members met at the Miners and Mechanics Insititue looking forward to the guest speaker of the evening, Portrait photographer Mark Walker.  As mentioned in the diary he had hoped to bring a model with him to help demonstrate how he uses the all important feature of light.


He explained the Fibonacci Spiral. The more commonly known way of composing a photograph is the rule of thirds. Most photographers will often use this – often you are encouraged to without realising it with most cameras offering the option on live view. However there is another way of positioning your model or camera to get an equally impressive shot and that is the Fibonacci Spiral. It was made famous by Leonardo Fibonacci in around 1200AD. Since then it has been used by artists including painters (Leonardo Da Vinci – with the Mona Lisa and Johannes Vermeer with his ‘Girl with a Pear Earring) to name but a few. Naturally photographers would also latch on to it.


Mark also went on to explain the Light Inverse Square Law and how it can be used in lighting up a subject. At this point he bought in his model for the evening Georgina. He set up a ‘Studio’  with a selection of studio lamps and soft boxes and reflectors and a couple other tools and computer software that he often uses. He recommended angles to use when shooting both female and male subjects if using a soft box. Not to mention camera settings he most often uses including F5.6 which allows for model movement and which shutter speeds to use with flashes on high speed sync.


Subjects also covered were tips on positioning your model for the most effective and flattering shots and how to include your model, by showing her the shots, using hand signals and also showing them how you want them to stand so that they can imitate to ensure the correct pose.

All members thoroughly enjoyed the evening with those who particularly enjoy topics such as street and other forms on portrait photography managing to get several helpful tips.

By Amanda Weatherley