09/04/19 Vivian and Martin Howse

Our guest speakers for the evening were Vivian and Martin Howse, both associate members of the Royal Photographic Society and whose work is renowned throughout Cornwall. The Club was treated to a display of eight diverse portfolios of high-quality prints, three from Martin and five from Vivian. Members we given time to pursue each portfolio in turn, while our guests answered our many questions.

Martin’s work is routed in the traditional darkroom, where he spends many hours producing the finest quality black and white prints from film. Vivian, by contrast, has embraced the digital world and produces equally stunning print work, usually in colour.

Their portfolio’s included images of Cornish artists, trees and an insight to a pottery workshop by Martin and; abstracts from artists studio’s and boatyards by Vivian. Perhaps the portfolio that most captured members imagination and generated the most questions was the final portfolio from Vivian. This was the results from her improvised pin hole cameras (sweet tins) and out of date photographic paper, which were placed under bushes in her garden for a month or two. The resulting images were a range of stunning prints resembling planets from some a distant universe.

It was an amazing collection of work, that we were very fortunate to have had shared with us, by two very talented individuals.

By Alan Barker