09/01/18 Speaker Kirstin Prisk

Our first speaker of the New Year was the well known local freelance photographer Kirstin Prisk.

Kirstin started off by explaining that he was (and still is when he has time) a keen surfer and wondered what to do as a career. This led him to a complete a photography degree and realise his passion was photographing people and events.

From here Kirstin took us through the photographs on his website, explaining the story behind them and what he used to create them. Wherever possible he tries to use natural light and follow his subjects with minimal ‘posing’, especially of the formal variety. He showed us some of his commissioned commercial work, such as the Watergate Bay Hotel and James Martin.

This gave us an insight into the amount of work required to not only take the image but the post production work afterwards and that even if he’s at a glamorous location, his work doesn’t give him much time to appreciate it.

After showing us a few more of his wedding photographs he finished to a round of applause and our greater appreciation of the life of a freelance photographer.

Words by Ian Williams.