04/09/16 Field Trip to Marazion and Tremenheere Gardens

It has to be said that it was a ‘grey day’ when 15 intrepid members and friends of St Agnes Photographic Club headed down towards Marazion for the first stage of the day’s field trip. The greyness of the day refused to budge and photographic inspiration was not easy to find. However, members made what they could of it and most came away with some worthwhile images. Some resorted to street photography in an attempt to make up for the shortcomings of what the sea and St Michael’s Mount had to offer.

Lunch was booked at the Godolphin Arms and it proved to be an excellent meal, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Those who went on to Tremenheere for the afternoon session felt well fortified by their energy intake.

On arrival at Tremenheere, we were greeted by our guide for the afternoon, Dr Neil Armstrong, who, after some discussion, admitted to being the owner and founder of the sculpture gardens. We headed off up the hill with the knowledge that 2 hours would be barely long enough to get around and see it all.

Our guide provided a very entertaining tour of the gardens, relaying a wealth of information about all the different plants, trees and ferns which he and earlier owners had planted on the site. Plant Latin names flowed freely and we all marvelled at Dr Armstrongs’ depth of knowledge. It was very interesting to hear the thoughts and origins behind the various sculptures and structures which he had been instrumental in installing in the gardens.

The whole visit was absolutely fascinating and everyone left with the intent of returning again at some point in the future to spend time taking more photographs.

St Agnes Photoclub's trip to Tremenheere

Words and image by Geoff Osborne.